Best Reps

Terms & Conditions

To ensure personal accountability, you cannot proceed to be hired by Best Reps without first acknowledging our Terms & Conditions, also e-signing our Independent Contractor Agreement.

You agree and understand that by accepting opportunities from Best Reps that you are representing our clients and their national/international brands to the best of your ability.

These terms supersede any emails that you may receive that may be contrary to these terms, always refer back to these terms if an issue arises.

You agree and understand our terms of payment. Payment will be issued, upon positive client review, no longer than 5 days after Best Reps receipt of the client’s payment and issued to you in the form of a check. Best Reps will, however, make its best effort to pay you within 2 to 5 weeks following your event.

In the event of a cancelled event by our client, Best Reps will make its best effort to collect cancellation fees to compensate you for any lost booking, however, it is not guaranteed that we can recoup these cancellation fees on your behalf, but we will make our best effort to keep you protected from any cancellations.

Failure to perform your duties as agreed and expected will result in penalties and fees enforced upon you.

Such failures include, but are not inclusive to, are:
• Showing up at any time after call time has been established (1 minute after call time is late)
• Missing your confirmed shift without at least giving 48 hours of notice to a Best Reps staffing agent
• Being physically or verbally combative with event participants or onsite managers
• Willful refusal to follow instructions
• Showing up to work intoxicated,
• Stealing product or premium items
• Bad mouthing Best Reps and/or any agency representatives to our client and/or about our client
• Discussing anything regarding pay with anyone other than your Best Reps staffing agent is considered a breach of your contract with Best Reps and is subject to penalty. This includes not discussing rates, timeliness of payment or anything at all with other ambassadors in the field, team leads, project managers, clients, customers etc.
• Contacting the client directly for any reason without the consent of Best Reps is also considered a breach and subject to penalty. This includes contacting the client after an event has ended or contracting future work directly with the client outside of Best Reps etc.
• Performing your duties with anything less than the positive, outgoing attitude you were hired to bring to our events.

Failure to comply with some or all of these terms will result in the forfeiture of your previously agreed upon pay and eventual removal from our website.